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Current Situation and Countermeasures of Biobank Construction in my country
2022-5-31 8:34:00

As the infrastructure of clinical treatment and medical scientific research, the biobank is the key to promote the innovation of clinical medicine and diagnosis and treatment technology. At present, my country's biobank industry is in a stage of accelerated development, but there is a lack of a unified standardized process, the biological sample discipline has not been established, there is a lack of professional talent teams, each sample bank is independent of each other, lacks a resource sharing mechanism, and the cost-effectiveness of the sample bank is low. Problems such as low sample usage. In response to the above problems, it is necessary to strengthen the standardization construction of biological sample banks, establish biological sample science, cultivate high-quality professionals, integrate sample resources, realize information sharing, improve the utilization rate of samples, and promote sustainable development.

Construction and development characteristics of biological sample banks in the era of precision medicine
2022-5-31 8:23:00

In recent years, under the background of "Healthy China", precision medicine and biological sample banks have ushered in a golden age of rapid development. In the era of precision medicine, as an emerging field of the medical industry, biobanks have their own development trends and characteristics. The development process needs to be standardized and standardized, highly dependent on information construction, inseparable from multi-center alliances and resource sharing, and requires multi-disciplinary Fusion support, etc. With the continuous development of precision medicine, the biological sample bank has gradually developed from an integration platform of biological samples and information resources to a support service platform for precision medical research and a cooperation platform for the transformation of achievements. In addition, there are still data security, privacy protection and sustainable development operations in the development process of biobanks, which need to be standardized and improved.

Why are human genetic resources an indispensable condition in the construction of biobanks?
2022-5-30 10:46:00

Biobank mainly refers to the standardized collection, processing, storage and application of healthy and disease organs, tissues, whole blood, plasma, serum, biological fluids or processed biological samples (DNA, RNA, protein, etc.) The clinical, pathological, treatment, follow-up, informed consent and other data related to these biological samples and their quality control, information management and application systems. It is an important guarantee for the rapid industrialization and application of many scientific research results to the clinic and the realization of "translational medicine". Human genetic resources in biobanks are non-renewable resources, important material and information bases for life science research, basic research data for in-depth exploration and mastery of the occurrence, development and distribution of diseases, and the promotion of disease prevention, intervention, It is an important guarantee for the development of control and diagnosis and treatment strategies, and has become a strategic resource related to public health, life safety, and national biosecurity and biosecurity.